Tidy House, Tidy Mind…Proven?

University of California measured stress hormone levels in 30 couples. Women who described their home environment as chaotic or messy had higher levels of cortisol, when measured at various points throughout the day. interestingly, men seemed to be less affected by a messy, cluttered home.

Cleaning your home not only improves its cleanliness, it can also […]

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Looking for additional income?…

Here at RCB you can earn yourself an additional income of up to £5000 per annum working hours that suit you. Being one of our casual cleaners means that you can work hours to fit around your busy schedule, and fit in more opportunities to earn money.

For more information contact the team via our website […]

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RCB’s Handy Hints and Cleaning Tips

The sun is shining and we are all thinking about spring, this is the time of year that everyone decides to do a bit of decorating, maybe you are sprucing up a bedroom or changing the décor in your lounge?

well RCB has some more handy hints and tips for when  you go to the shed […]

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”Testimonial” what a lovely thing to say :)

Its so nice when we receive feedback from our customers, it makes the hard work all worthwhile, a few kind words are worth a million dollars !! thank you

If you would like to know more about our great service then please call us on 01782 566752 or email sian or mike for a no […]

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Its a Joke !!

The old ones are always the best, why not share a joke with us here at RCB, we would welcome any good , clean (lol) jokes to share with our readers on our blog page

email them to

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RCB Top Tip !!!

Do you have any top tips for cleaning , we would love to hear from you at RCB , why not send them into and I will put you on the blog page of our website.

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Lovely Testimonial !!!!

I was contacted by Sian after my details had been passed on to her for the cleaning of our depot here in stoke.

She was polite and efficient and was in here to see me within 24 hours of our phone call.

How quick she has managed to sort the cleaning out is brilliant.

The company went live […]

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RCB’s Top Cleaning Tips

We all rush out to buy that all important carpet cleaner when spring comes, but how many of you put the product straight on your carpet without even trying an area first? we have all done it I am sure.  RCB suggestions would be , make sure you buy a reputable make, ask an expert […]

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look out for our promotions and free giveaways in your area, if you are looking for a reliable local Cleaning company with over 17 years experience then RCB are the company for you.  We are the Northwest’s leading Cleaning specialists and operate in and around Staffordshire and Cheshire.

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Funny Friday :)

Happy Friday to all , I hope this little joke helps to brighten up your day and keeps you smiling through the snow and ice.

Never mind the sun will soon be shining and we will be complaining that the weather is too hot and that our windows need cleaning.

Talking of cleaning windows , did you […]

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