Cutlery that vanishes… Dishwashers that load and empty themselves… Food getting stolen or thrown out… Hilarious passive aggressive notes displayed… Dirty office kitchens can cause workplace wars… here’s our tips to combat the chaos

Recent survey results reveal how the office kitchen appears to be a vital part of our working lives. Not only can a dirty kitchen have implications to our health but it can also disrupt performance and cause workplace rifts.

With unwashed dishes are the most common issue for 45% of respondents who participated in the survey commissioned by Miele working with Sapio Research, we now have to wonder whether a dish washing  skills test should be included at within the induction process.

How many times have you seen a cup growing a new life form with a layer of mould congealing on top of coffee dregs that has been lingering for days or even weeks and thought I’m not cleaning that – it’s not mine!!

It could be a colleague who rushed out for their two week holiday and forgot to wash out their mug before leaving. Instead of automatically thinking they can sort that when they get back, why not give it a soak in boiling water and tip the mouldy contents away before cleaning… controversial I know. Let’s bring about a change to our behaviour that extends collaboration from the meeting room to the kitchen area.


Kitchen Etiquette & Rules

Ø  If you empty it – Fill it

Ø  If you dirty it – clean it

Ø  If you open it – close it

Ø  If you spill it – wipe it up

Ø  If you cook it – share it


RCB’s Top Tips

Ø  Introduce a cleaning schedule or rota to share tasks

Ø  Take your own cup into work and keep it on your desk after washing it at the end of the day

Ø  Make your office kitchen a space to socialise at break times with a seating area

Ø  Be aware that the latest health craze food maybe good for you but won’t help relationships in the office if it leaves a bad odour for hours after lunch. Try to avoid food that will fill the kitchen or office with a bad smell, for example salmon or mackerel.

Ø  If you don’t have the time or resource to manage your office kitchen cleaning on a day to day basis, why not call us at RCB on 01782 566752 to provide you with a quotation for a managed cleaning service?