Tracking services that provide value to a business.


As one of the largest independent cleaning contractors operating in the Midlands, North West, North Wales, Oxfordshire and East Midlands, RCB needed a reliable and efficient tracking system to support our team of mobile cleaners, delivery drivers and contract managers who all use company vehicles.

Our client’s sites locations spread from Manchester to Oxford and Leicester to Abergele. We knew that the tracking system that we had in place was inadequate for the needs of our business, yes it would fire out an email if there was a speeding alert but that was really the only useful feature.

That set about our thinking, our wish list and desire was to move away from a reactive archaic fleet management system to a time-saving proactive system that recognises the trends of good drivers whilst also highlighting areas where the company needs to provide support or action with poor drivers. To gain real efficiencies and streamline our internal processes the ideal tracking system would have to have the following features:

  • Geofences for our client’s sites & key locations – Why is this important to us?


Geofences recognise the location. Having the geofences setup would enable us to provide our clients with real-time time and attendance information to support our current Ezi-Tracker system. We wanted to confidently advise of the estimated time of arrival taking into account time of travel and current traffic conditions.


  • Timesheet reporting for each driver or team – Why is this important to us?


It would relive the administration burden from our team and provide accurate and reliable reports for use across departments within the business. Over 10 hours per week would be saved in completing the timesheet, cross checking, distributing and inputting. We had trialled time sheet apps and the latest gadgets that scan a QR code whilst on site but the issues then occur when the mobile runs out of battery or the QR code has been removed.


  • Driver telematics – Why is this important to us?


A tool to report on the driving styles and highlight areas of improvement would help with managing the risks associated with fleet drivers and assist with reducing fuel consumption saving costs. As well as highlighting poor driving styles, which we have actual evidence when taking action with the individual driver we also wanted a tool to recognise good drivers on our fleet.


  • Mileage reports – Why is this important to us?

In addition to timesheets we also require each company vehicle driver to complete the mileage record. The time and administration burden associated with this across the team mounted up. Instead of spending hours per week filing in forms we need a system that provides the information at the click of a button – or an automated reported would be even better.

After researching the market and spending a lot of time trialling new tracking systems that would provide a lot of data, the time it took to convert this into useful reportable information was staggering. The systems trialled were all sold with all of the bells and whistles but practically, I didn’t have the hours each week they required to number crunch and edit the data.

Then we found Terrafix, a company renowed for providing critical ICT solutions such as emergency service mobile data systems, control room systems, automatic vehicle location and associated land navigation systems. Terrafix head office is based locally in Stoke on Trent and they have had an exciting start to 2019 with their recent move to Bladon House, Festival Park, Stoke on Trent.

Immediately the approach was different. Gone was the gimmicky sales pitch and long winded demonstration – the system could be trialled but the features and support offered with training really did provide welcome peace of mind after the numerous other systems we had looked at. The team at Terrafix were experts in what they did and the customer service was refreshing.

The wish list that we were looking for was satisfied by their system in addition to a number of features that we hadn’t even thought about. RCB now have an operational and efficient tracking system that provides the relevant departments with the bespoke reports that they require.

The time resource saved allows the company drivers to focus on their roles – gone are the forms and already the system has provided us with opportunities to maximise our resource providing more time on our client’s sites and with our cleaning teams within schools, office buildings and distribution centres where we provide our managed cleaning services.