Reorganising and cleaning your office space


At RCB, having a clean desk is essential, having a clean desk means you have a clean mind and are ready for any challenges that are thrown at you throughout the day. That’s why we do an office cleaning session on all of our own desks at least once a week.


  1. First remove everything from your desk that is loose, leaving you with just the electronics on there. Put it all on the floor space next to you. You will come to this later.
  2. Now you have your whole desk area clear, using a good furniture polish like our FPPRO, start to wipe down your desk. Spray onto your microfibre cloth NOT on the surface. Wipe from left to right, from top to bottom ensuring you miss no areas. Remember to lift up your electronics that you didn’t put on the floor and wipe underneath them.
  3. Once you are happy that all the dust and dirt is removed from your desk you can move onto to your clutter on the floor. If you have a towel handy, place it over a portion of your desk. This will be used to place your items onto so that you can clean them without the dirt falling onto your newly cleaned desk.
  4. One by one get your essential items that need to be on your desk at all times and start to clean them.
  5. Use a cloth or a electronic equipment wipe for cleaning down your electronics, getting rid of all the dust that has gathered. For your keyboard, put it on its side and use a toothbrush to get all stuff that gets stuck in-between your keys out. For you mouse, any speakers etc. use a cloth or wipe also.
  6. For all you the things that you think do not need to be on your desk all the time, find a space in your drawers or a folder and keep them there until they are needed.
  7. Having a pen holder can be very handy to keep all your stationery on your desk but also nice and tidy. If you don’t have one of these, use a mug or a glass. Get yourself a paper tray as well to organise all your sheets.


This office cleaning session should have hopefully cleared your mind now and you can start to get on top of all your work again. We hope this has helped.