As we are approaching spring, we thought it would be fitting to make a spring cleaning 12-day challenge. Print this challenge from the leading commercial cleaning company in Stoke on Trent.

Day 1

Clean all skirting boards in each room. Use one damp cloth to wipe the initial dirt from the boards and then go over with a dry cloth getting rid of the residue left behind. It’s a job that a lot of people look past because it’s not a very nice one, but it is something that everyone notices when they are dirty!


Day 2

Clean all light switches and door handles. Clean with a bacterial cleaner such as our BCPro. This is something we advise on doing often but a thorough clean of them twice a year will certainly help reducing the spread of diseases. Residue transfers from our hands from food deposits onto handles and light switches, then turns into bacteria, so when handling food this will be passed onto your food if not kept clean causing all sorts of things you don’t want.


Day 3

Clean all your light fixtures. For the ceiling lights I would recommend giving them a once over with your feather duster first, obviously to get rid of any dust. Then clean with a multi-purpose cleaner to get rid of all the dirt. Remember to vacuum up underneath from where the dust has fallen.


Day 4

Clean all blinds and curtains. A damp wipe is recommended for best results but if they aren’t too dusty use a static feather duster or a microfibre blind duster. Go from left to right, top to bottom so that the dust lands on the floor. Vacuum up the excess from the equipment used and the area around the blinds. Vacuum Curtains with your hose attachment and wipe down tracks, pelmets and horizontal fixings clean with a damp cloth. When temperature changes occur, dust can attach to fabric and cause damage by collecting dust, which is why doing this elongates the life span of your curtains keeping them fresh and new for much longer.



Day 5

Wipe down your inside walls. To do this fill a bucket with warm water, then add a little bit of washing up liquid. Use a sponge or a sponge mop to make it easier and just wipe down your walls. To dry the walls, use a microfibre cloth and repeat the process.


Day 6

Clean all appliances. Today is cleaning out your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and any others you have. Google your appliance and how to give a thorough clean out. This makes the appliances last twice as long saving you twice as much money!


Day 7

Clean all air vents in the house. For this again use a damp and dry cloth. These get very dusty so remember to vacuum underneath after as well.


Day 8

Flip and rotate all your mattresses. Get through the little bit of hard work and believe me it’s worth it when it comes to bed time.


Day 9

Change all your bedding in the house. This is essential because most people shower in the morning and not before going to bed, meaning that dirt is being put onto the bedding every night. We should really change our bedding every week or maximum every 2 weeks.


Day 10

Clean and clear out underneath all beds and drawers. Anything under bring out and reorganise. Throw out anything that you no longer need, then vacuum the floor and place back in an orderly fashion anything that you want to keep under there.


Day 11

Wardrobe day. Take out all your clothes in the wardrobe so that you have access to be able to clean it all. Use a good furniture polish and then vacuum around the wardrobe to combat any of the dust that has been pushed onto the floor. Then rearrange your clothes in however way you feel, maybe by colour or by clothing type, anything…


Day 12

Clean bathroom. Start off the sinks using a good disinfectant cleaner like our BSPRO. Then using the same cleaner do any worktops in the bathroom. Make sure that anything on the side as well is being cleaned and put back neatly. Then the toilet, also use the disinfectant to wipe around the toilet, but for inside you will need a good toilet cleaner like our TCPRO. Lower it inside and put a bit round all of the edges, then use a toilet brush to foam it up. Leave to soak for about 10 minutes and then flush. Do the same with your bath and shower.


Let us know how you get on and whether it inspires you to clean more often. Remember a clean home is a happy home…