Washing outdoor windows is never fun, but it is especially miserable when it is cold outside. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to clean off the winter grime so you can let the sunshine in, see through your windows and keep up on the household chores. With a few tips and a cost-effective homemade cleaning solution, you can effectively clean your outdoor windows in the winter and have them stay clean just a bit longer.

Assemble Your Supplies

First, assemble the necessary tools to remove snow and ice from around the window. You can use a decorating scraper to shovel snow off the cill, and warm (not hot!) water to melt any ice from the window pain.

A sponge is an excellent choice for cleaning windows. It holds plenty of cleaning solution and is porous enough to remove stubborn spots on the glass.  A squeegee or paper towels to wipe away excess water is nice to have.

You will also need a good glass cleaner. You can find our GCPRO in our shop launch coming soon.

Use Cold Water

It sounds strange, but if it is cold weather when you wash your windows this winter you need to use cold or room temperature water in your cleaning product. A sudden and severe temperature change can cause the glass to crack so never put hot water onto the window.

Additional Tips

  • Wear waterproof rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cold and the chemicals. Tuck your coat sleeves into the openings of the gloves so that your coat does not get wet.
  • If you encounter tough spots, let them soak for a few moments while you work on other parts of the window. Do not wait too long to clean the soaking spots, or the water might freeze.

We at RCB are one of the largest independent commercial cleaning companies in Stoke on Trent and surrounding areas. We use these tips when we provide office cleaning, commercial cleaning and school cleaning on site because we believe being able to see outside into the nature surrounding us is essential for a healthy mind.

Braving the winter cold to wash your windows is a very noble endeavour indeed, and we wish you the best of luck!

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