Photo above: Mother and daughter part of team RCB


We would like to welcome our newest office member of Team RCB, Julie. Julie’s new role is recruitment co-coordinator. This role involves recruiting and interviewing people to join the team across various sectors and locations ranging from Manchester to Oxford and everywhere in between. If you have been looking for a job with RCB over the past 6 weeks you will already know about Julie, but for those of you who haven’t here’s a bit about her…

Julie originates from Stoke-on-Trent and currently lives with her husband of 14 years. She has 2 children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter, Ripley, has been working for RCB for over 7 years. Previous to this Julie job she has worked for 30 years as a passenger assistant for children with learning difficulties. She is a great character to have around with the numerous stories about her younger antics and general liveliness in and about the office.


We asked Julie a few questions:


Interviewer: Tell us about your journey before RCB?

Julie: “When the children were little I was a school dinner lady but mainly a stay at home mother. After that, for 12 years, I was a passenger assistant for children with learning disabilities.”


Interviewer: How do you find working with your daughter?

Julie: “Up and down. If you know Ripley, you will understand! Jokes aside I love working with her.”


Interviewer: What has been the highlight of your new role so far?

Julie: “I like being busy and doing things as I haven’t had much of that in the past. My colleagues around me have also been great. And I also like meeting new people when I go to the interviews! So quite a lot of highlights actually.”


Interviewer: Was it a tough transition to go from child care to this in such a short time?

Julie: “Initially I thought it would be but my colleagues around me have made it very easy with all the help I’ve received of them.”


Interviewer: How are you finding the office life?

Julie: “I’m really enjoying it actually. I’m learning new things every day, mainly with computers.”


Interviewer: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve found about working in an office?

Julie: “Up to now nothing has been particularly difficult but ask me in 6 months and I’ll get back to you…”


Interviewer: What’s the easiest thing you’ve found about working in an office?

Julie: “Again learning new things and the people I’ve met in the office. They have made my life easy up to now in the transition I have had to make.”