Deep cleaning is a pain, that’s why we advise to split it up in to all the months of the year. Becoming Crewe’s leading contract cleaning company didn’t happen overnight. We have researched for years into the science of cleaning efficiently and effectively. Below is how our co-owner Ruth Coates cleans her house throughout the year.


For February, Crewe’s leading cleaning company recommend the following cleaning methods:


Cushions – Cushions are often looked passed at and never done but are often the first thing visitors notice when dirty. We advise doing these twice a year! Take the covers off and wash them but make sure you follow your washing machine guide to avoid shrinkage. Take the cushions outside and beat them getting the fluffiness back into them and then hang on the line to freshen. Ideally when it’s very cold or frosty and dry for a couple of hours. This will kill any mites. Bring them in and allow to dry for a couple of hours in a room before putting them back on.


Sofa and chairs – Vacuum all your furniture, make sure you take of all your cushions and vacuum underneath them. If they are leather/pvc use a damp cloth to wipe them down. Also use a leather cleaner and restorer, which will feed the leather, so it won’t dry out and crack, prolonging the life.


Pull out furniture and vacuum underneath – check for any coins or notes if you’re lucky! Before vacuuming though check for any big bits that won’t fit in the vacuum to avoid it breaking.


Skirting boards – unfortunately, its time to get on your hands and knees. Use soapy water and a microfibre cloth and make sure you get in to all the nooks and crannies. Quick Tip – get a normal mop and cut down the string, so you are left with a fluffy pom-pom. Dampen the mop as usual and use it to clean the skirting boards quickly and this saves you getting on your hands and knees.


Health tip from Cheshire’s Leading Contract cleaning company.

By hanging out your cushions, duvets, pillow etc in frosty or very cold conditions, this will kill any bacteria and mites nesting and leave your items smelling fresh and clean.


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