What to Clean in January…

Deep cleaning is a pain, that’s why we advise to split it up in to all the months of the year. Becoming Staffordshire’s leading contract cleaning company didn’t happen overnight. We have researched for years into the science of cleaning efficiently and effectively. Below is how our co-owner Ruth Coates cleans her house throughout the year.


Cobwebs – For best results use an Extendable Static feather duster so that the dust sticks to the static duster – Twizzle it, rather than wafting it. You want to do this so that the cobwebs attach to the feather duster instead of it wafting it into the air and on to all other surfaces. Just to be sure, give the feather duster a vacuum off, and the area around where you have been collecting the cobwebs. Don’t just do you home either…do your office cleaning when you are there! There is nothing worse than working in a dirty environment.


Blinds Cleaning – A damp wipe is recommended for best results but if they aren’t too dusty use a static feather duster or a microfibre blind duster. Go from left to right, top to bottom so that the dust lands on the floor. Vacuum up the excess from the equipment used and the area around the blinds.


Curtains – Vacuum Curtains with your hose attachment and wipe down tracks, pelmets and horizontal fixings clean with a damp cloth. When temperature changes occur, dust can attach to fabric and cause damage by collecting dust, which is why doing this elongates the life span of your curtains keeping them fresh and new for much longer.


Window Cleaning inside – Clean with a good glass cleaner is essential for the inside of your windows, like our GCPro. This gives an antistatic effect, which will be harder for dust and dirt to attach so in turn your windows will stay cleaner for longer. We are launching our shop further into this year, our product range has been developed to provide the perfect solution for these types of problems.


With the office cleaning service, we provide, in and around the Staffordshire area we recognise that our clients need for a visible clean facility are imperative. We provide the tools to ensure this standard with our own specialist chemical range to combat window ledges & glasswork. Follow us on social media for updates about the launch of our commercial cleaning range which will soon be available from the RCB Outlet!


Window sills, frames and ornaments– Simply use a damp wipe for all of these. Just the little things like having clean dust free frames and ornaments are the things that make the biggest difference when someone is in your home.


Reorganise cabinets – After emptying your cabinets clean the base of them and the shelves with a good furniture polish, like our FPPro, so it not only gets rid of the dust but leaves it with a nice smell as well. This is also a good time for a clear out…Start the New Year with a cleaner home which will help to clear your mind. Did you know that recently cleaning has been associated with improved wellbeing and mindfulness? The benefits of cleaning up are similar to that of a yoga or pilates session – with a hit of exercise and sense of achievement it’s definitely a task that’s no longer considered a chore!


Vacuum Cleaner – Keeping your vacuum cleaning clean is so essential and is something that 9/10 households dismiss immediately. If your vacuum isn’t clean, then nothing you clean it with will be either! Wash the vacuum filters with soapy water, rinse and leave to completely dry before reassembling, so moisture is not drawn into the motor. Wipe down the outer casement, remove the bag (if applicable) and wipe around the dust collection unit. Undo any knots in your cable and wipe the cable. This will prolong the life of your vacuum and help it work efficiently.


Health tip from Cheshire’s Leading Contract cleaning company.

When doors or windows are opened and a draught occurs, dust will loosen, which will be sent airborne, which you will inhale. This can create respiratory problems, so it’s important that you keep dust to a minimum.