What to Clean in July

Here at RCB we are more well know for being the leading contract cleaning in Staffordshire company rather than household. But contract cleaning is very closely related to cleaning up your home. Deep cleaning is a pain, so split it up into months to ease the pressure:


For July, Staffordshire’s leading contract cleaning company recommend the following cleaning methods:

Dust cabinets tops, Refrigerators and other appliances. Drag them out if possible and sweep or mop underneath the appliances. Avoiding food on the floor will deter vermin.

Reorganize cupboards and clean with a sanitiser such as our AX. Take everything out and clean inside the cupboards and then place everything back in the cupboard in an organise fashion that you feel is adequate.

Clean all doors and door handles with a bacterial cleaner such as our BCPro. This is something we advise on doing often but a thorough clean of them twice a year will certainly help reducing the spread of diseases. Residue transfers from our hands from food deposits onto handles, then turns into bacteria, so when handling food this will be passed onto your food if not kept clean causing all sorts of things you don’t want.

Next you’re going to want to clean and scrub the grout in between the tiles as this harbours dirt and bacteria. Use and acidic cleaner like our MPpro. A good tip is to use a cleaning toothbrush and really scrub in between the tiles then sweep and mop up the excess.

Then clean your ovens, toaster and coffee machine. Keeping food away keeps it hygienically clean and stops bacteria building up. Also a good tip is to empty your crumb tray in toaster regularly to avoid bacteria build up.

Microwave Quick Tip – Cut a lemon in half and place in a bowl with 1.5 cups of water. Put microwave on high for 10 minutes and all baked on residue will wipe out easily.

Sanitise all work surfaces and splashbacks, making sure that every item is cleaned underneath.


Health tip from Cheshire’s Leading Contract cleaning company.

Reduce infection and spreading bacteria by sanitising all handles. Always wash your hands thoroughly when handling food.